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In another great article at mixed.de, Tomislav Bezmalinovic takes a look at the updated version 1.1 of immerGallery. The original article is in German, but the google-translated version to English reads (mostly) very well.

Our biggest and maybe most important update so far! The version 1.1 of immerGallery is out!

  1. An evening and night at the Nuremberg Volksfest: watch 30 immersive images, most of them captured with the professional Canon RF 5.2mm VR180 stereo lens. Music and voice-overs tell the story of this evening and night.
  2. Drone Panoramas: Many thanks to Marton from relaxvideo.hu. Amazing 360° mono drone captures show you different places in Greece, Croatia and Hungary
  3. QooCam EGO hacked for 3D-360: Many thanks to Dean Zwikel! He used the low field-of-view 3D consumer camera QooCam EGO and made a series of shots to combine them to 3D-360 images. Watch amazing images from parks in the US!

Lastly, there is also a significant change for immerGallery Demo: Before, your own images could only be shown in the full version of immerGallery. As we received feedback from our users that they would like to test if certain images would load in the full version, we are now showing the first 10 images located in the /Pictures folder as a free preview. immerGallery Demo also contains the three new downloadable galleries.

In this great article from Benjamin Danneberg on MIXED, we talk about the vision and future of our virtual reality photo-metaverse app immerGallery. 

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